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Private Lessons

Online private lessons are available at a fee of $170, divided among the participants. Face-to-face private lessons for groups of 1 to 4 fully vaccinated clients are available. Email us for details.

Group Lessons

Group lessons currently are available only online.


Lesson Topics

Trying to decide the best way to improve your game? Here are some suggestions. By the way, we also teach beginning bridge.


Blackwood Convention

  • Standard Blackwood

  • 1430 Keycard Blackwood

Controls, How to Bid

Counting the Hand

Covering Honors

Cuebid Raises

Dangerous Opponent, Identifying and Avoiding

Declarer Play, How to Improve It
Defense, How to Improve It

Defensive Signals

  • Attitude     

  • Count

  • Suit Preference


  • Takeout Doubles

  • Negative Doubles

  • Balancing Doubles

  • Support Doubles

  • Doubles to Show a Strong Hand

  • When to Make a Penalty Double

Ducking – When to Duck



Fine Points of Jacoby Transfers & Stayman


Fourth Suit Forcing Convention

Gerber Convention

Jacoby Transfers

Jacoby Two Notrump

Jordan Two Notrump Convention

Jump Bids and Their Meaning

Hand Evaluation

How Come I Don’t Know That? – 8 Lessons Available

Making a Plan

Michaels Cuebids


  • Notrump Openings – What Next?

    • How to Interfere (Landy, Cappelletti and DONT Conventions) 

    • What to Do When Opponents Interfere

  • The Many Meanings of 2 NT

  • Playing Notrump Contracts

  • Defending Against Notrump Contracts

Opening Leads

  • Against Notrump

  • Against Suit Contracts

  • Reading the Opponent’s Opening Lead

Overcalls and Responses

Preemptive Bids

  • When to Make Them

  • How to Respond to Partner’s Preempt

  • How to Compete When Opponents Preempt

Promises, Promises - Am I Promising 4 Cards or 5 Cards?

Promotion – Why It’s the Best Technique for Developing


Rebids by Opener – 7 Lessons Available

Rebids by Responder – 5 Lessons Available

Reverse Drury


Rule of 11

Rule of 15

Rule of 20


Slam Bidding

Splinter Bids

Stayman Convention

Two-Club Openings to Show a Strong Hand

Two Clubs: What Next?

Two over One Game Force

Unusual Notrump Convention

What Could Go Wrong?

What Seat Are You In and How Does It Affect Your

    Opening Bid?

What’s Forcing?


Telephone: 208-720-1501

Fees and cancellation policy: Fees are payable in advance. If you cancel with less than 24 hours' notice, you are expected to pay for the lesson. You may give your lesson to a friend.

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