Who We Are

Jo Murray and Chuck Abramo volunteered to help a few friends learn to play bridge in 2009. We started out with eight friends. By the third lesson, the class had grown to 16. When we finished the first textbook, our students asked us to continue. 

So we decided to start teaching on a more formal basis.  In the first three months of 2012, we had more than 50 students. Our club games for newer players had a waiting list less than a month after they started.

Both of us are now certified as teachers and club directors by the American Contract Bridge League. Jo is a silver life master and Chuck, a life master. Both have served on the board of directors of Unit 400 of the American Contract Bridge League. 

Jo has been playing bridge off and on, sometimes with as much as 10 or 15 years “off,” since she was in seventh grade. Chuck played for the first time in late 2004. This gives us a good understanding of the needs of both absolute beginners and of people who are returning to bridge after a long absence.

We try our best to make classes entertaining and fun, as well as informative.

We formed a partnership with the YMCA in September, 2019, and are now known as Sun Valley Bridge at the YMCA.

In our nonbridge life, Jo is principal of Jo Murray Public Relations, which specializes in working with the news media, and Chuck is a retired computer systems engineer.

Telephone: 208-720-1501
E-mail: Jo@SunValleyBridge.com or Chuck@SunValleyBridge.com



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