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Recent Tournament Winners

Las Vegas

Chris Turner & Barbara Williams, one first place and one second place

Seaside, Oregon

Mary JoRutherford, one first place

Nampa, Idaho

Steve Heidel & Allen Jones, one second place and one third place

Chris Turner & Theresa Choma, one fourth place and one fifth place

Steve, Allen, Chris and Terry formed a four-person team to win the Sunday Swiss team event in their bracket.

At Sun Valley Bridge Games

Oct. 2

N-S: Judy Powell & Patty Nelson, 1st place; Errol Flynn & Jo Harmon, 2nd place

E-W: David Gwinn & Karen Pederson, 1st place; Gary Kuchcinski & Susan Larson, 2nd place: Patti Zebrowski & Roland Wolfram, 1st in C

Oct. 4 

N-S: Ron Bloom & Patti Zebrowski, 1st place, Errol Flynn & Jo Harmon, 2nd place

E-W: Jill & David Hitchin; 1st place; Tom & Jane Oliver and Greta Hansen & Lo Ann Krueger, tied for 2nd and 3rd.

Oct. 9 

N-S: Errol Flynn & Jo Harmon, 1st; Ron Bloom & Greta Hansen, 2nd; Roland Wolfram & Patti Zebrowski, 3rd

E-W: Jeanne Wright & Phyllis Blackburn, 1st; Jim Churchill & Lo Ann Krueger, 2nd; Peggy Hollitz & Patty Nelson, 3rd; Judy Powell & Elaine Phillips, 3rd in Flight B; Gigi Daniels & Tish Outwater, 2d in Flight C

Oct. 11

N-S: Tom and Jane Oliver, 1st; Ron Bloom & Nancy Mulroney, 2nd; Errol Flynn & Jo Harmon, 1st in Flight C

E-W: Patti Zebrowski & Roland Wolfram, 1st; Jim Churchill & Peggy Hollitz, 2nd; Jill & David Hitchin, 2nd in Flight B

Oct. 16

N-S: Roland Wolfram & Jim Churchill, 1st; Chris Turner & Barbie John, 2nd; Patty Nelson &Don Lewis, 3rd; Elizabeth Brown & Chuck Abramo, 4th; Jackie Wieman and Lo Ann Kruger and Tom & Jane Oliver, tied for 2nd and 3rd in Flight B

E-W: Gary Kuchcinski & Susan Larson, 1st; Nancy Tremann & Judy Willims, 2nd; Nancy Mulroney & Ursula Kennedy, 3rd; Barbara & Nat Campbell, 4th

Oct. 18

N-S: Tom & Jane Oliver, 1st; Patty Nelson & Elaine Phillips, 2nd; Chris Turner & Barbie John, 3rd

E-W: Roland Wolfram & Patti Zebrowski, 1st; Jeanne Wright & Phyllis Blackburn, 2nd; Don Lewis & Maureen Lee, 3rd

Oct. 23

N-S: Roland Wolfram & Patti Zebrowski, 1st; Susan Swanson & Judy Peck, 2nd; Judy Powell & Elaine Williams, 3rd; Tom & Jane Oliver, 4th

E-W: Jim Churchill & Lo Ann Krueger, 1st; Gary Kuchcinski & Susan Larson, 2nd; Ursula Kennedy & Nancy Mulroney, 3rd; Nat & Barbara Campbell, 4th

Oct. 25

(Howell movement)

Roland Wolfram & Patti Zebrowski, 1st; Gary Kuchcinski & Susan Larson, 2nd; Lynne & Steve Heidel, 3rd; Peggy Hollitz & Patti Nelson, 4th

Oct. 30

N-S: Chris Turner & Barbie John, 1st; Steve & Lynne Heidel, 2nd; Roland Wolfram & Patti Zebrowski, 3rd; Nancy Mulroney & Becky Smith, 2nd in Flight B

E-W: Phyllis Blackburn & Jeanne Wright, 1st; Judy Powell & Susan Larson, 2nd