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North American Bridge Championships ("nationals"), San Francisco

Judy Lauter Baer, 10th place*

Ventura, California, Regional

Stephanie Campbell, 2nd and 3rd places

Charlotte, North Carolina, Regional

Bill Bumbarger, 1st,* 4th* and 6th places

*The fields were so big in San Francisco and Charlotte that Judy and Bill won gold masterpoints in these matches.

Sun Valley Bridge Games

Nov. 1

(Howell Movement)

Patty Nelson & Bill Cassell, 1st

Roland Wolfram & Patti Zebrowski, 2nd in A & B and 1st in C

Frank Ward & Nancy Mulroney, 3rd

Monique Stern & Peggy Hollitz, 4th in A and 2nd in C

Nov. 6


Nancy Mulroney & Frank Ward, 1st

Jackie Wieman & Monique Stern, 2nd


Jim Churchill & L An Krueger, 1st

William Cassell & Steve Malkmus, 2nd in A and 1st in B

Nov. 8


Judy Powell & Susan Larson, 1st

Patty Nelson & William Cassell, 2nd


Jim Churchill & Nancy Mulroney, 1st

Dave Gwinn & Karen Pederson, 2nd in B and 1st in A

Nov. 13


Patty Nelson & Jo Harmon, 1st

Lynne & Steve Heidel, 2nd in A

Jackie Wieman  & Lo Ann Krueger, 2nd in B


Jim Churchill & Nancy Mulroney, 1st

Phyllis Blackburn & Jeanne Wright, 2nd in A and 1st in B and C

Susan Larson & Peggy Hollitz, 2nd in B

Monique Stern & Claudie Goldstein, 2nd in C

Nov. 20

(Howell Movement)

Jim Churchill & Nancy Mulroney, 1st

Judy Powell & Elaine Phillips, 2nd in A and 1st in B

Lynne & Steven Heidel and Lynn Whittelsey & Frank Ward, tied for 3rd and 4th in A

Sue Petersen & Stephanie Bourgette, 4th in C

Nov. 22


Nancy Mulroney & Jo Harmon, 2st

Sandy Kling & Marty Canevale, 2nd


Jim Churchill & Linda Parsons, 1st

Gary Kuchcinski & Susan Larson, 2nd in A and 1st in B

Susan Passovoy & Claudie Goldstein, 2nd in B

Nov. 27

(Howell Movement)

Gary Kuchcinski & Susan Larson, 1st

Lo Ann Krueger & Jim Churchill, 2nd

Karen Pederson & Dave Gwinn, 3rd