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It's a happy challenge when our players place in so many events in regional and national tournaments that we don't have room to list each event.

North American Bridge Championships ("nationals"), San Francisco

Judy Baer

Jim Churchill

Dianne Giancarlo

Pam Mann

Linda Parsons

Christiane Turner

Palm Springs, California, Regional

Chuck Abramo

Judy Baer

Jo Murray

Sun Valley Bridge Games

Dec. 4


Lynn Whittelsey & Frank Ward, 1st

Sue Petersen & Stephanie Bourgette, 2nd

Karen Pederson & Dave Gwinn, 3rd


Steve & Mary Malmus, 1st

Lynne & Steve Heidel, 2nd

Karen & Dennis Dunn, 3rd in C, 2nd in A

Dec. 6

(Howell Movement)

Jeanne Wright & Phyllis Blackburn, 1st

Lynne Whittelsey & Frank Ward, 2nd

Monique Stern & Claudie Goldstein, 3rd 

Dec. 11


Jackie Wieman & Monique Stern, 1st

Nancy Mulroney & Cathy Barbouletos, 2nd

Karen & Dennis Dunn, 2nd in B and 1st in C

Patty Nelson & Jo Harmon, 2nd in C


Steve Malkmus & Williams Cassell, 1st

Judy Powell & Claudie Goldstein, 2nd

Phyllis Blackburn & Jeanne Wright, 1st in C

Dec. 13


Lynn Whittelsey & Frank Ward,1st

Jackie Wieman & Karen Robideaux, 2nd

Phyllis Blackburn & Jeanne Wright, 1st in C


Roland Wolfram & Patti Zebrowski, 1st

Lo Ann Krueger & Peggy Hollitz, 2nd

Dec. 18

(Howell Movement)

Chuck Abramo & Elizabeth Brown, 1st

Patty Nelson & Jo Harmon, 2nd

Barbara & Nat Campbell, 3rd in C and 2nd in B

Nancy Mulroney & Cathy Barbouletos, 4th

Dec. 20


Patty Nelson & Jo Harmon, 1st

Linda Nicholson & Marty Carnevale, 2nd

Barbara & Nat Campbell, 3rd in A and 2nd in C

Susan Passovoy & Claudie Goldstein, 4th


Patti Zebrowski & Roland Wolfram, 1st

Gary Kuchcinski & Jim Churchill, 2nd

Becky Smith & Karen Robideaux, 3rd in A and 2nd in B & C

Tom and Jane Oliver, 4th in A and 3rd in B

Lauren Wagner & Bob Meyers, 4th in B

No Game Dec. 25

Dec. 30

(Howell Movement)

Gigi Daniels & Judy Getto, 1st

Judy Powell & Loretta Shimchick, 2nd

Jim Churchill & Lo Ann Krueger, 3rd

Pamela Mann & Barbie John, 4th in A and 3rd in B

Carla & Don Lewis, 2nd in C